Terms Of Use

  • You must read and understand our Rental Form Agreement.
  • You must have a valid driver’s license.
  • You must have a major credit card in your name.
  • You must accept responsibility for all ddamage incurred to the truck while in your possession. Including but not limited to: stains, tears, burns, windshield damage, tire damage, dents, dings and scratched paint.
  • You must not take truck out of state. Local moves only!
  • You must report any mishaps to our office and to appropriate law enforcement authorities immediately.
  • You must pay all parking tickets and any other violations incurred while the truck is in your custody.
  • You must be careful not to leave any personal items in the vehicle. We cannot be responsible for your possessions.
  • You must return the vehicle by the due date.
  • You must return the truck with a full tank of gas.
  • You must return the vehicle in the same condition as rented. The cab and box must be clean.
  • You must lock roll up door at all times.

Think Safety!

  • Familiarize yourself with all controls before moving the vehicle.
  • Read all warning decals posted on vehicle.
  • Comply with all state and federal regulations, including the use of seatbelts.
  • No More than two occupants in this vehicle.
  • Be especially aware of the width and heigh of this vehicle. You can cause severe damage by underestimating clearances.
  • Use the tie down slats to secure your load. Severe damage could occur to the vehicle or your possessions if not tied down properly.
  • Always lock the roll-up door, and make sure ramp is latched in place.
  • Respect this vehicle. Drive cautiously and courteously. Remember you are responsible.

Have a safe and uneventful moving experience!!